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How can this chemical affect my health?

Chronic (Long Term) EffectsData sources

Asthma Trigger, priority orange
Asthma Trigger – Can result in high sensitivity so that small quantities trigger asthma, nose or sinus inflammation or other allergic reactions in the respiratory system.

Data sources

Direct Hazard » Asthma Trigger

These sources refer directly to this chemical:

  • Asthma - allergen, sensitizer - strong evidence
    CHE - Toxicant Database
    Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE)

Inherent HazardsData sources

Restricted List, priority gray
Restricted List – This chemical is on a list from an authoritative body recommending that its use be avoided.

Data sources

Direct Hazard » Restricted List

These sources refer directly to this chemical:

  • Precautionary list of substances recommended for avoidance
    P&W - Precautionary List
    Perkins+Will (P+W)

What safer alternatives are available for this chemical?

Information on safer alternatives is currently fairly limited, and not easily accessible or linked to information on chemicals in the workplace. Where we have information on safer alternatives, ChemHAT will display links to existing case studies of safer alternatives for the chemical.